tips for installing a backsplash with moroccan fish scale tileA fish scale tile backsplash with Moroccan fish scale tiles can change the entire look of your kitchen. There are various Moroccan fish scale tile patterns to choose from, for both fish scale tile kitchen backsplash and Moroccan fish scale tile shower renovation. Let's find out if fish scale tiles are going up or down anytime soon.

Fish scale tiles are an excellent thanks to adding style and texture to your tiling job. they're related to a Moroccan influence when utilized in home décor but with the massive range of finishes and textures of scale tiles now available the results of using scale tiles can work with most design influences.

There are flat surfaced scale tiles for a clean and crisp looking wall or floor If you're trying to find quite that, there's the choice of an indented tile face or an undulating tile face to introduce shadow also and shape and color to your wall or floor.

Navy Deep Blues

Include Moroccan Fish Scales in the bathroom with show-stopping tile! Use one main color that features a beautiful range of variations to hide a whole wall of a kitchen or bathroom without being busy.


Colorful scale tile backsplash in a natural-light flooded master bath. Working with a contemporary beach theme, adding the feel to the ground with natural pebble tiles. A slim drain accentuates the long space. Moroccan scale tiles are oriented tips up as an homage to the mermaid look. Surrounding materials, sort of light that’s reflected on the surface – of these elements have an impression on how the scale tile backsplash looks.


The one place in any home which is perfectly suited to the straightforward drop scale tile design is, of course, the toilet, be it to be used as an artistic movement style flooring or to be used on the walls, but there are several ways you'll use these beautiful tiles to vary the dynamic of your bathroom.

Aqua Sea Wall,

Why stop with one blue or green? employing a blend of comparable colors in tone and hue creates a full wall of tile that's to die for! Blues and greens cover a toilet like giant ocean waves.

Simple single color

Using a single yet striking color that features several subtle variations can allow you to supply a striking pearlescent feel throughout your bathroom, supplying you with a soothing place to soak and soothe away troubles of the week with a pleasant glass of Chardonnay, an honest book, and a few gentle candlelight.

Blend and gradation,

Taking a step further and employing a mixture of subtle, complementary colors like these blue and greens you'll blend the colors during a gentle gradation layout to supply an incredible feature wall.

A statement piece

It’s not only your walls or floors that you simply can suit your Moroccan scale tiles too. Taking those DIY instincts further, you'll repurpose an old half moon table or cabinet, into a sink, covering both the basin and top in complementary scale tiles.