Organizing tips countertops to add designer style to your kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the house. A substantial amount of time we spend in our households is spent in the kitchen. But your kitchen need not be the way you found it. You can add depth and dimension to your kitchen by knowing how to accessorize a kitchen counter. It's a simple step towards kitchen renovation. Decorating small kitchen countertops need not be an arduous task. With our kitchen organization tips and countertop ideas, add oomph to your old kitchen and make it feel anew.

Know how to use contrast

Countertops form a thin layer on top of other elements. Cupboards, drawers, washing machines, ovens, etc. take up the majority of the vision. This gives an opportunity for designers to create match-ups among those different materials, which gives the kitchen design added definition and aesthetic appeal.

A go-to way is to opt for bright and bold colors. But before committing to any idea, remember to test it out on paper. Make sure your color-scheme goes with the rest of the kitchen and the mood you are trying to achieve.

Choosing the perfect materials

With the variety of materials available in the market for kitchen countertops, you’ll be spoilt for choices. From patterned stone to granite, marble to wood, steel to zinc, there is no shortage of materials in the market for countertops.

In a small kitchen, investing extra money for premium materials will add a touch of elegance that is otherwise difficult to achieve in a small space. Choose the material following the size and requirement of your kitchen. Some materials work well for small kitchens, while some would work better for bigger kitchens. Make the choice of materials keeping in mind the different factors that your kitchen might need to accommodate.

Nail the height of your countertop

Ergonomics are most important in case countertops. Expensive, premium materials are of no use if they are accessed comfortably. Height varies from person to person. As a basic guiding principle, it is recommended that the surface be placed 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) below the user’s elbow. In case you need added height, you can use thicker materials, or even use wooden material to boost the height of the countertop.

Metal Countertops

Stainless steel is a classic option for countertops. Zinc and copper have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Zinc gives a blue-toned patina over time. It reacts with water, oil, and citrus, and the end result is the signature look of zinc that many people find to be visually appealing.

Copper softens the hard edges of a kitchen by giving a soft glow. Select copper that has been sealed to maintain the sleek and polished look.

Now that you have an idea about how to style kitchen counters, go ahead, and explore the possibilities with countertops! You’ll have a sleek looking new kitchen in no time, with minimal resources and effort. That’s an investment definitely worth making.