low maintenance gardens ideas on a budget This article is all about garden layout ideas, garden center features ideas, low-maintenance plants, low maintenance planter ideas, DIY landscape design beginners. Read on to find out how to have an awesome garden for your home.

Cultivate your herbs

Build a fresh herb show with the hardware store's wooden frame, glass jars, and pipe clamps. Or grow them on the deck or balcony outside, if your room permits.

Beautify something ancient

Don't just junk it yet. To produce a multi-level planter, reuse an old dresser. Or use an old bathtub, a wheelbarrow, or even a tractor... a smaller side table will suit a small balcony or patio nicely as well.

Begin With a Terrarium

Big plants can make a bold statement, but tiny terrariums bring a unique appeal to small spaces, like this one in a geometric planter. It is also a perfect example, if you hang it, of vertical gardening.

Make Your Steps Transform

Turn into a gardening opportunity any little room that is not being used on your back patio. It's not going to take up a lot of space, but that makes a huge difference.

Wisely Landscape Your Entryway

Just because your entrance isn't wide enough for a lush garden doesn't imply that a bit of greenery can't be added. It will feel like a Zen garden with the right landscape design, a few slender trees, a planter, and some small topiaries.

Making the most of Your Sun Space

Take advantage of a sunny area within your home if you don't have any spare outdoor space for a greenhouse. A big succulent can make you feel like you are in an oasis in the desert. A fig tree is still a smart idea as well.

On the balcony, hold it

It's now time to let the parents of your inner plant shine. Your balcony is an ideal choice if you don't have space for a full-blown rooftop garden.

Using the windows

Got a super tiny balcony? To make the street level view just a little more lovely, line it with pots and plants.

Go to the Vertical

Change floor space for space on walls. Thanks to a few basic ingredients, this lush vertical garden comes together, but it makes the whole room feel like a minimalist jungle (oxymoronic, yes, but it works).

Make this livable

A few pots of flowers and rocking chairs can make a small patio feel like your very own secret garden for you and yours.

Using the windows

For herbs or flowers, a window box is a popular alternative. Balcony blooms will embellish a whole community like these. Besides, as the vertical perspective adds in a fascinating, unexpected dimension, they can be even more beautiful than a ground-level alternative.

Develop Fresh Produces

There is no kitchen game-changer with your own freshly grown produce like cooking. Consider making your very own rooftop veggie garden if you have a roof. Or at your local community garden, you could buy a plot.

Stick to a single flower

Stick to one type of flower to give your small garden a consistent aesthetic (and to accommodate its tiny size). Limiting yourself to one form of a flower in the long term saves on yard work.