Selecting tiles for bathroom walls impact the functionality, look, and feel of your bathroom. A few factors to keep in mind are color, size, shape, style, and finish. Bathroom tiles are available in a wide variety of types, and your choice depends on your personal preferences, size of the bathroom, and other factors relating to the usage of the bathroom.

There are two standards for bathroom wall tile sizes -- large and small. You can choose either, or go for bathroom tiles designs that fall in between these two. Let’s have a look at some advice for selecting bathroom tile size.

Large Bathroom Tiles vs Small Bathroom Tiles

Large-format tiles are a popular choice for a lot of people. The main reasons to choose them over small tiles are

◆ They cover large areas, which makes installing them easy

◆ It is easier to clean large tiles because of fewer grout lines. Small tiles create a lot of grout lines which can make a small bathroom look cramped

◆ Large tiles make an illusion of a small bathroom looking big. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a lot of floor space to dedicate to the bathroom. Correct use of tiles can greatly enhance the dimension and texture of your walls, giving them a spacious appearance.

◆ They can add a dramatic and luxurious look to your bathroom. Small tiles can also be used to create depth and texture, but it has to be done carefully to make sure that the bathroom does not feel boxed.

◆ Large tiles can create good contrast in your bathroom when used along with tiles of other sizes. Using large tiles and small tiles together can add wonderful depth and texture to the walls.

12x24 tiles in small bathrooms are considered to be ideal. If you’re wondering what size tile would be best for your small bathroom shower, our experts at Tilesbay recommend 12x24 tiles for all their advantages over smaller tiles.

Choosing the right color for your bathroom tiles

Bold, dark tiles are an all-time favorite choice for your bathrooms, though you can go for mosaic tile designs, earthy tile colors, geometric tiles, and even graphic tiles.

It is recommended to choose hues that complement each other. It is also a general guiding principle to choose no more than three colors for your tiles. The contrast and mood that can be created with the bathroom tile designs and colors can totally change the way your bathroom looks and feels.

Light colors give an appearance of spaciousness. Using light and dark colors together can create a wonderful contrast.

White is always considered a good color choice for bathrooms. To enhance the beauty of the white, it is important to supplement it with some structure, either with white itself, or some delicate pastel color.

If you are a little confused or unsure, Subway tiles are always your go-to option. They are clean and timeless, and make any bathroom look great.