How to make creative things from waste material at home

One of the most fulfilling productive things you can do with waste lying around in your household is to transform them into creative items using DIY craft ideas for home décor. The process reduces waste and transforms the overall look of your house. DIY recycled items also provide a sustainable way to manage waste. Some of these modern DIY home décors are sleek and polished looking, which would add a touch of elegance to your home. Read on to find out how you can creatively use waste. Waste bottle vases

Anyone can make use of a good vase, and making vases is the best you can get out of old, waste plastic bottles. This is a simple yet very useful DIY craft for home decor. All you need to get going are a few bottles of any kind, paints, and masking tapes.

  • First, clean the bottles and remove labels, if any.
  • Then paint them with the color of your choice
  • Use masking tape for making patterns and designs
  • Add plants or flowers, and your DIY vase is ready to be use
  • Ice-cream stick bookmarks

    Every reader would appreciate a nice little bookmark. Ice-cream sticks can be made into very creative and useful bookmarks. All you would need are ice-cream sticks, glue, ribbons, and felt pens.

  • First, clean the ice-cream stick and then dry them properly

  • Then wrap it with a ribbon of your choice
  • Lastly, decorate and color them with felt pens. And there you have your ice-cream stick bookmark ready!
  • Coasters from old CDs

    CDs might have fallen out of use lately, but coasters have not. You can use old CDs lying around to make cool coasters, and use them to adorn your dining table. All you would need are old CDs, Thin cardboard, Felt pens, scissors, glue and scraps of old fabric. Just stick the cardboard and scraps of fabric to the CDs, and decorate them with felt pens. Your usable, reversible coasters will be ready in no time. Broken tile art

    Broken tiles are an opportunity to showcase your creativity. There are tons of craft ideas with broken tiles. Broken tile mosaic floor ideas might seem intimidating, but they are extremely easy to make and look stunning. Let’s see how to use broken tiles.

  • You can make broken tile art using tiles of different colors and patterns. You can make a mosaic wall hanging by pasting your mosaic tiles to a base, and then sealing them with grout. Then hang it in your drawing room and watch guests appreciate it in awe.
  • You can make a DIY mosaic backsplash for your kitchen using broken tiles. Simply use a chisel and hammer to evenly shape the pieces, and all you need then are glue, a base, and grout. Always remember to make an outline before you actually start with your DIY mosaic project.
  • Now that you know how to make good use of waste material in and around your home, go ahead and explore the possibilities!