how to make a mosaic from broken plates and tiles

Never dump broken plates or tiles to the trash. What if I tell you that the broken pieces of china you want to throw away can be used to make a stunning backsplash for your kitchen? Or maybe, a mosaic path through your lawn?

The possibilities with mosaics are endless. The only limitation to what you can achieve with mosaics are the limitations of your creative mind. To let your creativity flow, we are here with a few inspirations that will hopefully open the floodgates of ideas in your mind.

The first step

The first step to achieving anything with the mosaic is to get the mosaic itself. You can get it from a local mosaic supplies store, but here we are talking about making your own from broken plates and tiles.

So these are a few things that you need

◆ Chisel

◆ Hammer

◆ Tile Nipper

◆ Protective gloves and glasses

◆ A bag to store all the broken pieces

Put your broken pieces of china in a zip-lock bag, and tile nipper and hammer to break them into the desired size. Use the chisel for more fine-tuning. Wear protective gear throughout the process.

Once you are done with the breaking process, you essentially have the mosaic material with you. What you need next is some adhesive and grout (in some cases), and that’s all you’ll need for your DIY mosaic ideas.

DIY mosaic backsplash ideas

The broken tile backsplash is the most fulfilling DIY project you can accomplish with your self-made mosaic. Make sure you outline carefully. All mosaic work needs to have some form of an outline, which is especially the case with a backsplash. Once you are done with the outline, get creative with your mosaic! The fun with mosaics is that you can choose to be both haphazard or organized. But remember to be careful along the edges of the outline. The edges need to perfect to let the inside stand out. Finish your backsplash with some grout. Read package instructions carefully before using grout.

How to make a mosaic path

With stones and pebbles, you can easily make a mosaic path that will make your lawn or yard stand out. These are things you will need

◆ Pebbles

◆ Ready-mixing cement

◆ Slate chippings

◆ Steel mesh

All you need to do next is to mix the cement according to instructions, then put a mesh on top of it before putting another layer. Then put the pebbles on the cement to form a pattern you like. You need to let it sit overnight before stepping on it.

A DIY mosaic path will be the focal point of your garden or lawn, and will always turn heads.

Endless possibilities

Possibilities with the mosaic are endless. There can be any number of patterns and designs that can be created with simply broken pieces of plates and tiles. So, the next time, before throwing out broken pieces of china, think about all the feats you can achieve with it.