everything you need to know about types format and benefits of luxury vinyl tileWhat is luxury vinyl flooring? This blog post will answer that and everything relating to luxury vinyl tiles like top reasons vinyl is the best flooring, different types of vinyl flooring, advantages and disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring and give you a comprehensive vinyl flooring guide.

One of the most well-liked housing products on the market is luxury vinyl tile (LVT), and permanently reason. Because of continuous advancements in technology, this wood look-alike features realistic styles and colors that accompany something real hardwood doesn't offer, 100-percent waterproof or water-resistant capabilities. LVT comes in several types but we'll specialize in two: glue-down (flexible) or a Rigid Core click system. They both provide high-dimensional stability and sturdy wear layers that are designed to be kid-proof, pet-proof, and worry-proof for homeowners and business owners alike. Within the case of our Rigid Core, it's even slip-resistant, as measured by TCNA’s DCOF AcuTest. During this guide, we break down all the details you would like to understand about this affordable flooring choice. we'll also explain the differences between LVT, standard vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), and luxury vinyl plank (LVP).

How is LVT laid?

For the knowledgeable finish,,, we recommend seeking the assistance of a professional fitter, however, a self-installation also can achieve impressive results. the sort of LVT you buy will determine the right fitting method to use. As with any flooring type, both click and glue-down LVT require a typical subfloor preparation. the standard of your subfloor can hinder the lifespan of your flooring so it’s important to urge this right.

Where am I able to use LVT flooring?

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is often utilized in any room in your home. it's extremely robust and versatile while having the additional advantage of being waterproof. It's an excellent option for busy spaces like hallways, living rooms, conservatories, kitchens, and bedrooms. Its waterproof qualities mean that it's also the right choice for bathrooms, utility rooms, and porch areas. Additionally, you'll use LVT with underfloor heating systems and even on staircases. There are numerous different styles and patterns of LVT flooring that there's bound to be something to enrich any room in your home. Some sorts of LVT are designed specifically for commercial use. they will withstand even more footfall and have added surface protection

Important LVT Features

One of the foremost important measurements for luxury vinyl tile is the wear layer. This most vital clear layer protects the print layer from damage, and therefore the best ones accompany a polyurethane finish that’s further reinforced with mineral additives. This layer ranges from 6 mils up to 30 miles, but a typical wear layer, sort of a 12 mil or 20 mils, is perfect for cost purposes and also for shielding residential spaces against scratches and wear, while a billboard application requires a minimum of 20 mil layer. A newer feature you'll find on some luxury vinyl planks may be painted beveled edge. This system emphasizes the individual planks and makes the flooring look even more realistic.