Design a backsplash with a mosaic

Mosaics are incredibly versatile. You can use a mosaic for almost everything you will find in and around your house. Flower pots, tabletops, coasters, walls, cups, mirrors, and the list go on. Here we will be showing how to make your own DIY mosaic backsplash.

A backsplash is a functional project that protects walls from stains and water damage. Mosaic gives you an opportunity to convert this functional piece of wall into a work of art. Now obviously you can choose a plain, drab glass backsplash, but mosaic will add that extra oomph to your backsplash. And the best part is that it is incredibly easy and more incredibly cheap.

Step 1: Tiles

You can make your own mosaic tiles with broken glass, ceramic, porcelain, etc., or you can even buy them from a local mosaic supply store. The material you choose for your mosaic will make a big difference in how it’ll end up looking, so, choose carefully. The possibilities with mosaic tiles are endless. Choose your favorite shape, size, design, texture, and color, and head on to the next step.

Step 2: Gather your supplies

Having all your supplies before you begin your work will make things very easy and convenient. We have a small checklist of items, and it is all you need for your mosaic made easy.

• Strong adhesive

• Hammer

• Safety Glasses

• Marker or Crayons

• Grout

• Sponge/Cloth

Step 3: Draw your design

This is probably the most crucial step, but you need not worry. Any mistake you make at this step can be easily reversed. If you are not a pro at designing DIY mosaic backsplashes, it is recommended to keep your design simple. Simple mosaic designs look as gorgeous as complex ones. Keep it simple and have fun.

Step 4: Prepare your tiles

Lay your mosaic tile pieces with their back up, and carefully apply tile adhesive on the backs. Before doing that, you can look for pieces that do not look uniform and chip them with a hammer until you get a desired shape and size. It is important to not put a lot of adhesives and always remove any extra adhesive later with a sponge or cloth.

Step 5: Paste your tiles

While pasting your tiles, keep an eye on the outer edges of your outline. The beauty of the mosaic is that it can be as haphazard as you want on the inside, but the edges should be perfect. So carefully paste your tiles while maintaining the edges. Let it then cure for 48 hours.

Step 6: Apply Grout

Always mix your grout according to package instructions. Use a grout spread to spread the grout all over your backsplash. You can also use a knife or a stick. Start working in small batches, and gradually increase as you get comfortable. By the end of it, wipe off any extra with a dry cloth or paper towel. Let the grout set in the cracks and solidify.

And there you have it!

This is one of the most satisfying DIY projects that you can undertake. The cost and efforts are reasonable, and the reward is fulfilling. Go ahead and try it.