Colorful livingroom ideas that will inspire you

Colors are not just ornamentation for your rooms. They are functional and pragmatic to a large extent. As psychologists have found out, color can influence your mood and feelings. Interior designers always choose solar for a room keeping in mind its size and purpose, since color can be expertly manipulated to provide the illusion of a larger or smaller space.

Color does a lot to your rooms. It becomes all the more difficult to choose from among the popular living room colors given the fact that there are so many. We are here to help you with the basics and provide some ideas and inspirations which will make your living room colorful without stressing you out.

Color blocks

Color blocking means using large chunks of a certain color in solid blocks. These blocks of colors are then combined to give out a bright living room vibe. Color blocking is an idea for a bright living room. We recommend choosing bright, fun colors that can add a touch of playfulness to your interior while maintaining an air of sophistication.

Calm with lavender

Lavender is already known for its calming property in the world of aromatherapy. Now it is being noted in the world of color therapy as well. Lavender acts as an ideal base color for your living room. It can be paired with many subdued colors, such as hot pink, white, gray, etc. Incorporating lavender and hues of it automatically transforms your living room into a tranquil space. You can add a colorful living room set amidst the sea of lavender for it to pop out and make a statement.

Go creative

Your house is an extension of the people who live in it. And it is fine, even encouraged, to show off your quirky tastes and preferences through your interior designs and color schemes. In a modern, colorful living room, it is always a good idea to incorporate all your favorite patterns, designs, colors, and statement pieces. Go ahead and flaunt all your eccentricities and creativity in your living room.

Colorful mural

A colorful mural is a great way of adding depth and dimension to your living room. Choose a mural with a simple design that would be easy to create and yet, make a big statement. Simply select the colors you want and then tape off the sections using painter’s tape. However, keep in mind that if the mural is spread out across your living room, it can become overbearing. Keep it limited to one wall of the room. That is the most effective way to use a bold mural.

Statement decor

Use statement pieces like a statement couch or a statement table to amp up the look of your living room. A statement piece elevates the appeal of the entire room, and all other pieces are used as foils to highlight it. It is very important to have no more than one statement piece in a room. You can keep other eye-catching items as well, but one should dominate the rest to let your room stand out.

Have fun exploring our modern, colorful living room ideas!