black and white subway tile bathroom ideas

Subway tile! Who knew such a little, unassuming shape might be so controversial? When the subway tile trend hit hard a couple of years ago and quickly spread from bathrooms to kitchens to your corner cafe, we were quite happy to ascertain such a refined and classic look come into the fold. But like all trends, it had some detractors—those who argued that the ever-presence of those little White Subway Tile Ideas was a question that Where to use Subway tile?, which the seemingly trendless style had become a trend in and of itself.

Below are some ideas to use Black and White Subway Tile flooring:

1. Create Contrast: There's such a lot to like about this stunning subway tile bathroom. The dark blue-grey door and gold accents feel traditional, while the poured concrete sink and funky floor tile make the general effect eclectic and modern.

2. Keep It Simple: Sometimes, less is more. Streamlining the space with a clean and cohesive tile shape may be a great move for smaller bathrooms, while the selection of a dark grey (nearly black) grout with wider grout lines creates a cool graphic pop that keeps things interesting.

3. Light & Airy: Ultra-thin grout lines and a bright white color palette let these subway tiles melt into the background, letting the main target fall on the stunning soaking tub and octagonal floor tile. But look closely and you will notice a rather uneven, handmade element to the subway tile that adds texture and interest to the present gleaming surface.

4. Modern Mix: Don't let the subway tile's classic appeal limit your creativity! This super-chic shower by Pure Salt Interiors uses contrasting hexagonal tiles in reminder grey within the storage alcoves and floor and adds even more interest with a striated marble-like ledge (a perfect perch for a plant, or a leg up when shaving).

5. Embrace the Unexpected: This subway tile bathroom looks relatively obligatory ...until your eye lands on the ground. Unabashedly bold black penny tile and a high-shine black toilet take this look from understated to downright dramatic—and we're beat favor of the effect.

6. Shades of Grey: Designer Tara Kantor's understated, Scandia-minimalist bathroom is proof that even a limited color palette can yield a shocking result. Different reminder grey and white let the varied textures within the space shine, from the mattefloors to the soft leather drawer pulls to the sleek shower tile and trust me, it is the Best Idea to use Subway tile.

7. Best of Both Worlds: Can't decide between a classy slab shower and classic subway tile? Why not combine them? This shower has plenty of instant oomph because of a gorgeous (and more cost-effective!) piece of slab set into an inlet. Not only does it mean less grout to wash, but it makes the brushed brass fixtures *pop*.

8. Black & White & Bold everywhere: Punching up basic subway tile with a mixture of bold and graphic black and white accent tiles = a super-savvy thanks to inserting some personality into even the littlest space. We love the combination of Moroccan-inspired concrete floor tiles wit mod angular arrow motif (made from adjoining parallelogram).