• Decide the vibe- Whether you are an extrovert, introvert or ambivert, that could be easily be understood through the vibe of your home. A minimalistic home with a focus on little details proves how you are all about those little extra efforts.

  • Play with furniture- Whether you choose trendy items or vintage pieces, the type of furniture often speaks about the uniqueness and style of the homemaker. The idea should always be to extract maximum storage from the furniture. Also, the material of the furniture whether it’s plastic, wood or steel should gel with the aesthetic of the room accordingly.

  • Pop of color- Always infuse different type of colours especially according to your mood in your home. Don’t shy away from trying new colour palettes you could go from neutrals to pastels to bold as the ambience of your room.

  • Create your corner- Create a specific corner in your home. Decorate it with canopy, string lights and a few greens to instil freshness. This corner would be used for leisure or work-from-home desk. It will have the best background and will uplift your mood every time you sit there.

  • Hall of Fame- Dedicate a special wall in your home to display all your accomplishments and successes. It would save your time from speaking about them while the visitors can themselves have a look at the entire journey. It often creates a sense of respect in the mind of the visitor towards the homemaker. Even it will act as a good source of motivation for the days when you feel low.

  • Catch the attention- There should be a showstopper at your home which could catch the attention of the visitor. It could be an abstract painting or a great artwork or a vintage antique. Whatever it is, it should be unique and be able to stand out from the crowd. 

  • Put your interests on display- This is the best way to show what you are passionate about. Like bibliophiles could invest in a huge bookshelf to display his mini library or a traveller could have a separate wall for all his/her pictures of the exotic trips. This will help the visitor get an idea about the type of person you are and get an insight on your passion, interests and admiration.

  • Maximize mirror- Mirrors are a great way to create an illusion of space at the same time it adds elegance and sleekness to the room. It will also be a great way to check on yourself at any time of the day when you're passing by. The different shapes of mirrors will help you to make them useful as a decorative piece. 

  • Signature scent- Make sure to use scented candles, incense sticks, or fresh flowers. Add these at the entryway of your home so that every time somebody visits you they get a splash of freshness and fragrance and they remember you for that particular smell. Using room fresheners are also a great way for a quick dip of fragrance. 

Lighting level- Whether you use funky light fixtures or go for elegant classy lantern lamps, make sure that your room is well lit. The light fixtures will enhance the charm of the room and at the same time conserve energy with the right power usage bulbs.